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Thursday July 17, 2003


How would you feel about this. A renowned US director is going to make a sympathetic movie about Joseph Goebbels. No way. That's unthinkable. Outrageous. Despicable.

You may recall that Goebbels was one of the most evil men in history. A Nazi propagandist and ideologue who preached the cult of state hate. A man who helped create the intellectual foundation that enabled people to torture and murder millions of their fellow human beings with impunity.

Yet when it comes to the equivalent monster from the left, Hollywood hits the morality off switch.

Acclaimed US filmmaker Terrence Malick is attached to direct Benicio Del Toro in 'Che'. It's supposedly an epic about the life and death of Argentinian commu-nazi Che Guevara.

Guevara is, of course, A-List material for the Institutionally Leftist Hollywood. He was an extreme left winger whose whole life was dedicated to an ideology which has led to death and misery for millions - probably billions.

And he looks fabulous in a beard and beret dahling.

Is anyone really under the delusion that this movie will not be a propaganda exercise to present the malignant figure of Guevara as some sort of 'hero'?

Although killed on October 9th, 1967, much of today's global terrorist movement can be traced back to the evil plots, ideas and actions of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.

He was after all the man who wrote: 'Hatred is an element of struggle; relentless hatred of the enemy that impels us over and beyond the natural limitations of man and transforms us into effective, violent, selective, and cold killing machines.'

Does that sound familiar. Bin Laden? Al Qaeda? Arafat? Hamas? Hezbollah? Shining Path? Maoists? Al Asqa Martyrs' Brigade?

All of the above use hatred to encourage the de-humanization of their enemy. Jews, Christians, Infidels, Americans, Hindus, Buddhists. They're all fair game for mass death because... well, they ain't human.

But Ernesto was hardly revolutionary here. He was just another malignant narcissist using the same centuries old doctrine to justify mass murder and torture.

The fact is: if hate was the solution to all our problems then the victors of the last century would indeed have mirrored George Orwell's '1984' where the indelible picture is one of a boot in a man's face - forever.

Fortunately men like Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Amin, Mugabe, Castro, Guevara, and Pol Pot are viewed in thinking quarters as mass murderers and criminals.

What a pity the oh-so tolerant lefties in Hollywood don't share this view.

In 1977, when the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) hijacked a Lufthansa jet to Mogadishu, Somalia, one of the terrorists killed by the West German GSG-9 counter-terrorist unit is pictured dead in his seat wearing a 'Che' T-Shirt.

To those for whom history is recalling last week's awards ceremony here's a reminder....

The Arafat inspired PFLP carried out the hijacking to force the release of the imprisoned leaders of the West German commu-nazi Baader-Meinhof gang.

Amongst other crimes, the gang of former lawyers/teachers/social workers had murdered many US servicemen based in Germany.

And this is the person that the lefty Hollywoodheads deem worthy of an 'epic'. Mind you, they did give crockumentary maker Michael Moore an Oscar for a work of fiction - so anything is possible.

Who -you may be wondering - is behind this piece of work? Well, one Laura Bickford is producing. Some links here. Bickford was a producer with Stephen Soderberg on the Oscar-winning 'Traffiic'. Soderbergh is partnered with George Clooney in a joint venture production company Section Eight. Their company comes under the Warner Brothers umbrella. Del Toro starred in 'Traffic'. George Clooney is indeed loony left.

Steven Soderbergh was originally considering directing the project but now is likely to be involved in a producing capacity. 'Che' is not yet set up at a studio, but if Soderbergh continues his involvement, one likely possibility is that Warner Bros. Pictures might step in. At this point, however, neither Warner nor Section Eight is part of the picture. Yet!

Malick is considered a genius in Hollywood. 'Badlands' was his first movie of note. It is a beguiling, hypnotic tale about Charlie Starkweather, a real life sociopath and heartless serial killer from the 1950s. Malick creates a lyrical, seductive picture of true ugliness.

Of course, he also makes killing innocent people seem truly heroic. And who played bad old Charlie? None other than our other infamous limousine lefty Martin Sheen. So Malick is obviously well qualified to misrepresent history.

Although 20 years passed between his 1978 film 'Days of Heaven' and 1998's war film 'The Thin Red Line', he's already contemplating another stint in the director's chair.

But hey... it's a free country isn't it? If a bunch of dopes/dupes want to make this movie, that's their problem. It's bound to go down a storm at the New York Times. Peter Jennings will love it.

And anyone who protests will be called a Nazi. So the liberal mass media of lies continues.

Up the revolution comrade.

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