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Diary's Still Sell
Flody Suarez's Flody Co., along with executive producer Andy Cohen and 'Sleepless in Seattle' writer Jeff Arch have optioned Debra Kent's 'The Diary of V', an online serial that appeared on Redbook magazine's Web site The project, which has been running on the Net for three years, will be published by Warner Books in three volumes this fall. Arch will pen the screenplay. 'V' is descibed 'Bridget Jones's Diary' set in the suburbs of the American heartland, centering on a woman trying to hold her family together while having a career. The producers also plan to shop the project to network television as a half-hour comedy.

They Go In Threes
Warner Bros. has bought the spec script 'Nanneeez' by screenwriter Shaina Carol, marking the writer's third sale this year in three attempts. It's a hip subversive comedy about the upstairs-downstairs exploits of four twentysomething Hollywood Hills nannies who toil for the rich and famous. Carol has also sold the comedy 'Triple-Take' to Fox and 'Fothermuckers' to MTV Films and Paramount.

More Bass Please
Oscar-winning writer Ron Bass ('Rain Man') is adapting the Cynthia Voigt novel 'Lovers Leap' for Regency Enterprises. The romantic comedy centers on a butler who becomes smitten with an enchanting woman, who also happens to be the object of his wealthy employer's affections. The servant then sets his sights on sabotaging his boss's relationship while trying to win the woman for himself. The project is being developed by Amy Lanier's Flat Penny Films and Pierce Brosnan's Irish Dreamtime. It is unclear if Brosnan will play a role. No director has been attached.

More Life For Randolph
Charles Randolph, who wrote 'The Life of David Gale' the Kevin Spacey-Laura Linney picture that Alan Parker begins shooting for Universal next month, has signed deals for three scripts. Former Universal Studios exec Kevin Misher and Working Title have hired him to pen political drama 'The Interpreter'. a tale of international intrigue. Columbia TriStar has inked a two-script deal with Randolph. The two deals are both in the seven figures.

 1 - 9 SEPTEMBER 2001
THE LAST OF THE SAVAGES by Jay McInerney, Frank Pierson. Drama
Two men take divergent paths after prep school: one becomes an Ivy League-educated corporate lawyer, the other a mogul in the urban music business. [Novel]
Buyer(s): Production Company: Screenworks Media, Handwritten Films, Imagine Nation
Producers: Jarel Portman, Christopher Eberts, Malcolm Clarke, Rowland Perkins, Billy Dietrich. Notes: Frank Pierson will adapt Jay McInerney's novel, and will also direct. Project was picked up in turnaround from Disney.

DEATHLOK by Stu Zickerman, Raven Mentzner. Action
Suburban family man is made a technology research subject in a project that gradually turns him into a living computer. [Comic Book]
Buyer(s): Studio: Paramount. Production Company: Marvel, Crystal Sky Productions.

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